Catholic Homeschool Debate -

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NCEA Survey on Catholic Homeschoolers -

in 9 parts

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'94-'95 Read what happened then to understand the situation today..  




Homeschoolers: A House Divided

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April 98 As one homeschool mother said, "This article aptly framed the homeschooling debate."


TORCH "Greetings" Article

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May 1998 This TORCH article appeared on the NACHE site. Did or did not a TORCH founder make an allegation of schism against homeschoolers who question the validity of certain "sacramental" guidelines for homeschoolers?


Homeschoolers: Next Casualty?

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June 1998 Opens with a brief synopsis on the history of Catholic homeschooling, shares Church teaching on education, the "cold war" initiated by NACHE and TORCH against other Catholic homeschol groups, and coined the phrase "Catholic Homeschooling - Protestant style." Heavily footnoted.


Homeschoolers and the Hierarchy

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July 1998 - A continuation of article above, ig addresses NACHE's plan to become the "bridge" between homeschoolers and the hierarchy, and NACHE's complete dismissal of other Catholic homeschoolers' input. Heavily footnoted.


Seton Article: Authority in the Church  

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July 1998 Receiving the approval of four priests before publication, including NACHE's spiritual advisor Fr. John Hardon, S.J. , this article is a response to the TORCH May 1998 Greetings article. Ironically, it is the same article which ultimately led NACHE to ignore Fr. Hardon's intervention on behalf of Seton.


Hasson's Private Letter to Seton

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July 16, 1998 A personal letter made public by TORCH and NACHE on June 30, 1999, brings homeschoolers to one central question: Was "Church authority" ever the real issue for NACHE?


 The Pledge of Solidarity - Help or Hindrance?

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July 29, 1998 Was this a pledge to unify or was it a "damage control document'? The "Pledge" was signed by a number of TORCH and NACHE board members including Kimberly Hahn and Mary Hasson. A minute number of other homeschoolers signed "the Pledge" but the majority did not....find out why.


Twelve Problems with the Pledge

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Fall 1998 Keeping It Catholic compares the "Pledge" to Church teaching.


 What's Up with CHSNA?

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Fall 1998 Keeping It Catholic knows all about that "elephant in the parlor." Answers questions from homeschoolers concerning some connections that CHSNA didn't mention.


The Pittsburgh Story - A Dynamite Omission

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Fall 1998 What part of Fr. Stubna's workshop did TORCH omit on its website? Keeping It Catholic offers the entire transcript.


KIC and RCF: National Homeschool Fax Alert

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November 1998 With one national fax alert, Roman Catholic Faithful and Keeping It Catholic members brought valid concerns about NACHE directly to the attention of the Vatican and homeschool groups nationwide.


TORCH/NACHE: Setting or Skewing the Record?

 On the NACHE website. The NACHE article was entitled "Setting the Record Straight."

February 1999 Remember the "Pledge of Solidarity" (July 1998)? The very same to which NACHE members Mary Hasson and Kimberly Hahn added their names?  Read this response to the National Fax Alert issued by Roman Catholic Faithful and Keeping It Catholic...and then ask yourself if they kept their Pledge made just months earlier - especially the promise about discussing issues and not attacking persons. (The author of this article, Mary Hasson, claims to be speaking for herself, but one must realize she was on both the TORCH/NACHE boards at the time; also, both TORCH and NACHE boards allowed her "personal" opinions, accusations of "lying" and unsubstaniated rumor-mongering to be published on their respective websites.)

NACHE Issues Ultimatum Letter

 Link to NACHE site

April 10, 1999 NACHE wants to achieve "lay association" status from the Church, but already they are issuing outrageous ultimatums to fellow Catholics. Read NACHE's "requirements" designed especially for Seton Home Study School, recognized by the local ordinary as a Catholic school, and which received the personal blessing of the Holy Father in 1995.


NACHE Bans Seton Against Fr. Hardon's Advice

 Email flash alert can be found on this site.

June 23, 1999 KIC's Email Flash Alert contained info on Fr. Hardon's May 1999 letter to NACHE on behalf of Seton. In June 1999, Seton was banned from the annual NACHE conference for its Authority in the Church article...but was that ever the foremost issue for NACHE?


NACHE: Public Letter Reveals NACHE's Mindset

 Link to NACHE site.

June 30, 1999 One week after Keeping It Catholic issued an email flash news alert concerning NACHE's banishment of Seton, NACHE released a public letter on its website. See how NACHE once more violates the Pledge promise of "addressing issues and not attacking persons."

KIC: Interview Request to NACHE

Request and actual interview questions on this site.

July 3, 1999 Attempting another "in-depth" article, KIC  tries an email interview with NACHE, inviting everyone on the board to comment on their decision to ban Seton. An email carbon copy of the interview request was sent to Laura Berquist (Mother of Divine Grace), Robert Brindle (Our Lady of the Rosary), Dr. Mary Kay Clark (Seton Home Study), James Bendell (Roman Catholic Faithful), CHSNA board members and the Keeping It Catholic contact list. A faxed copy was sent to Fr. John Hardon, S.J. and repeated attempts were made to fax Kolbe Academy.


NACHE's Response to Keeping It Catholic

Actual response on this site.

July 6, 1999 Now see the results.


Wanderer News Piece on Seton/NACHE

Article on this site

July 15, 1999 Front page Wanderer article includes commentaries on NACHE's ban against Seton by KIC, CHSNA, Seton, Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Victory and Roman Catholic Faithful. 


 Saints and Scholars' Opinion Piece on Seton/NACHE

Article on this site


July 29, 1999 Jeff Minick (of Saints and Scholars, a resource many Catholic homechoolers use), shared his opinion on the Seton/NACHE issue. The most interesting part of his article concerned NACHE's information packet handed out to homeschooling parents who attended NACHE's 1999 conference. Find out which information NACHE withheld...


Mothers' Watch: More Strikes Against NACHE

 Article on this site

Summer 1999 Issue Mothers Watch responds to Jeff Minicks' article and adds some information about a few people on NACHE's advisory board.


CHSNA Comments on NACHE  


CHSNA article with KIC commentary on this site.


August 1999 On our site, we've included a KIC introduction outlining what NACHE could have done. CHSNA's article basically asked if NACHE is really serving homeschoolers.

This same article (without KIC's intro) has been uploaded to the newer CHSNA website at   


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